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Announcing: The Knowledge Sharing Platform's Public Online Regulation Spotlight Page

We are excited to announce that we have officially opened up part of the Knowledge Sharing Platform to the public. The spotlight resources focus on Online Regulation. The resources included in this page are based on our Online Regulation Series. 

This is an important step in making our resources on online regulation even more readily available for smaller tech platforms. This portal will be continuously updated as we expand our analysis as part of the Online Regulation Series.

Visit the Online Regulation Spotlight page here.

This section collates all of Tech Against Terrorism’s research, analysis, and resources dedicated to Online Regulation. The aim of Tech Against Terrorism work on online regulation is to condense the complex and fragmented regulatory landscape to improve smaller tech company awareness of emerging global regulation and its potential impact on small platforms.

  • The resources included are in part taken from or influenced by our first edition of our Online Regulation Series, which took place in October-November 2020. This contains analysis of 17 different jurisdictions, covering more than 60+ pieces of legislation, as well as three additional briefs examining tech sector initiatives and expert perspectives. The aim of this project was to provide a comprehensive and accessible resource for tech platforms to improve their understanding of legislative developments and key trends in online regulation and what this means for tech platforms.
  • This analysis was updated and incorporated into a Handbook which we published in July 2021. All country analyses have been updated to reflect recent regulatory changes. For each country, we provide a summary of the regulatory framework and the key takeaways for tech platforms, as well as Tech Against Terrorism’s commentary. The Handbook also includes Tech Against Terrorism’s key recommendations for governments and an analysis of International Human Rights Law as a possible framework for content regulation and governance.

Please keep an eye out for weekly updates to this page, where we will add our latest research and analysis from the Online Regulation Series 2.0, which began in November 2021. In this edition, we will look at an additional 12 jurisdictions and provide updates to certain jurisdictions covered last year. We are making deliberate efforts to include more jurisdictions in the Global South, as these jurisdictions risk being ignored in wider policy and legislative debate. These blog posts and the relative analysis and resources will be reflected in this section.

The resources on this page include all of Tech Against Terrorism’s analysis and research included in the various editions of the Online Regulation Series, such as:

  • Online Regulation Series 1.0
    • All 20 blog posts published from the 2020 Online Regulation Series including a Short Report collating all of the blog posts and analysis.
  • Handbook on Online Regulation collating all of the regional, tech sector, and expert perspectives research conducted by Tech Against Terrorism accompanied by additional analysis such as global legislative trends.
  • An Online Regulation Legislation Table listing all relevant legislations covered in the Online Regulation Series and Handbook, organised by country and date.
  • An Online Regulation Map highlighting the legislative trends across the globe.
  • A Library of External Resources relevant to Online Regulation.
  • Online Regulation Series 2.0 including all our latest country analyses.

Below, we highlight all of the countries covered in the Knowledge Sharing Platform’s Spotlight page, which combine Tech Against Terrorism's 2020 and 2021 Online Regulation Series research:

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