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Terrorist Content Analytics Platform

The world's first platform alert system for verified terrorist content. 

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We track, verify, analyse and alert terrorist content across the internet

The Terrorist Content Analytics Platform (TCAP) is a crucial content moderation tool for tech platforms, enabling the swift detection and removal of terrorist content through open-source intelligence and AI-driven processes. 


Content Reporting and Moderation

Identification and verification of terrorist content, determining the associated terrorist entity and other relevant information, such as whether the content is graphic in nature. This supports tech platform content moderation and transparency reporting.

Automated Content Alerts

Automated email alerts to tech platforms, notifying them of terrorist content recently identified on their platform.

AI-Driven Processes

Automated status checks to determine if collected content is still online as well as automated archiving and hashing of content.



Powered by Open-Source Intelligence and Artificial Intelligence

The Terrorist Content Analytics Platform automates the swift detection and removal of verified terrorist content on tech platforms, through work by our open-source intelligence experts and AI-driven processes.

The TCAP Serves:

Tech Platforms

Provides a user friendly interface for tech platforms to access information on all content identified on their platform as well as when the content was identified and whether it’s still online

Academics & Civil Society

Verified academics, researchers, and civil society members will have access to certain areas of the TCAP, particularly archived content for research purposes.


Crisis Protocols

The Terrorist Content Analytics Platform provides response workflows to stop the rapid dissemination of content in relation to a recent terrorist attack through our established crisis protocols and threat-to-life policies.


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Alerts sent


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"We truly consider Tech Against Terrorism and the Terrorist Content Analytics Platform to be a really important contribution to the international community."
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