Disrupting Terrorists Online

Tech Against Terrorism aims to save lives and prevent harm by disrupting terrorist activity online and upholding human rights.

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Introducing a community of organisations seeking sustainable solutions to tackle terrorism online. 

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Early Terrorist Experimentation with Generative AI

Analysing early adoption of the new technology.


Terrorist-Operated Websites

How terrorists and violent extremists are turning to websites to further their aims.

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Tech Against Terrorism Europe

Tackling Terrorist Content Online in Europe



We speak to the world’s leading experts to uncover the evolving use of the internet by terrorists and violent extremists and what platforms and policymakers need to counter the threat.


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Combatting Terrorist Misuse of Messaging Apps
Poorly regulated messaging apps tend to facilitate terrorist communication and the dissemination of propaganda. What can be done?
April 30, 2024
1730 BST
Exploring enhanced content moderation and collaborative efforts to mitigate the risks associated with these platforms.
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Generative AI’s Counterterrorism Challenge and Opportunity
Exploring the exploitation of Generative AI by terrorist and violent extremist actors.
March 26, 2024
1700 BST
How generative AI is affecting distinct and common areas of online harms
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Tech Against Terrorism Europe Conference
To discuss the implementation of the EU's Terrorist Content Online Regulation
September 28, 2023
1400 CET
French National Assembly
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Solutions for tech platforms

Terrorist Content Analytics Platform

The world's first system to alert and archive verified terrorist content found on internet platforms

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Knowledge Sharing Platform

Curated resources to support tech platforms and moderators to implement robust policies to disrupt terrorists online.

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