Bespoke Support

Strengthening tech platforms through customised advice and analysis

Tech Against Terrorism's analysts and specialists have guided both the tech sector and governments in establishing effective policies to counter online terrorism.

We offer added support to those entities wanted to further strengthen their capabilities and understand the threat landscape. 

What we offer

Research and Analysis

  • Threat mapping: analysis of historical terrorist and violent extremist use of platform(s)

  • Bespoke threat actor online footprint investigations

  • Bespoke in-depth topical investigations


Open-Source Intelligence

  • Tracking, analysis and bespoke threat reporting
  • Threat intelligence assessments and risk analysis for your platform
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Transparency Report Consultation

  • Helping platforms identify relevant metrics and create a sustainable framework.
  • Bespoke approach includes calls and iterative reviews of transparency reports, both in draft form and published. 


Online Regulation Compliance

  • Support tech companies comply with online regulation impact counterterrorism policies
  • Assist governments develop effective and rights-based policies
  • Guide tech companies through global online regulatory legislation

Assisting your platform

Tech Against Terrorism aims to equip and enable tech platforms and governments in countering the terrorist exploitation of the internet.

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