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The Online Regulation Series – Summary

Thank you all for following Tech Against Terrorism's 2020 Online Regulation Series.

You can access the ORS Handbook here

For over a month, Tech Against Terrorism focused its outreach and knowledge sharing efforts on providing our stakeholders with an update on the state of global online regulation.

By doing so, we hope to have shed light on a complex yet key issue for anyone interested in countering terrorist use of the internet whilst safeguarding human rights and freedom of expression: the regulation of online content.

We focused on three questions to improve our understanding of online regulation: Where are we at? What are the recent proposals? What does it mean for tech platforms?

Summary of activities

During the Online Regulation Series we published 20 blog posts on our website, and shared relevant resources throughout the Series on Twitter

  • A regional focus, with 17 country-specific blog posts: Asia-Pacific, North America, Europe, MENA and Sub-Saharan Africa, South America.

  • A tech sector and expert perspectives focus weekwith 3 blog posts to complement our regional focus.

  • A concluding webinar on The State of Global Online Regulation, welcoming tech policy and digital right experts to deliver insightful presentations on key regulations around the world that might shape the future of online regulation.

ICYMI: The complete list of all the blog posts published during the Online Regulation Series

A recording of our concluding webinar will be made available upon request, if you are interested please reach out at contact@techagainstterrorism.org.

Coming up next: The Online Regulation Series Handbook, collating all of our blogposts, additional analysis and recommendations, as well as a comprehensive list of all the resources you need to understand the fast-changing landscape of online regulation.

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