Tech Against Terrorism

Nigel Farage, NatWest and the fight over ‘woke’ capitalism

Adam Hadley, executive director of Tech Against Terrorism, an online counter-terrorism group, says Farage had raised “valid concerns about potential...

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Terrorist Anders Breivik’s manifesto was listed for sale on Waterstones website

Investigators at Tech Against Terrorism, a UN-backed online counter-terrorism organisation, found the manifesto for sale on the Waterstones site,...

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The Times

We need a Five Eyes for AI to give us the safest and best tech

To make the most of these advanced technologies, governments will need to craft sophisticated prompts that may include sensitive information. They...

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Daily Mirror

UK far-right launch wave of transgender web hate in wake of Nashville shootings

Tech Against Terrorism executive director Adam Hadley said: “Following the horrific school shooting in Nashville, we have seen a rise in the...

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EU tells Elon Musk to hire more staff to moderate Twitter

"Platforms should be under no illusion that cutting costs risks cutting corners in an area that has taken years to develop."

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Video games simulate real terrorist attacks

A gaming platform enabled users to play as the original perpetrators, according to Tech Against Terrorism (Tat), a UN-backed group that counters...

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Google develops free terrorism moderation tool for smaller websites

Google is developing a free moderation tool that smaller websites can use to identify and remove terrorist material, as new legislation in the UK and...

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The Guardian

Chinese bots flood Twitter in attempt to obscure Covid protests

Last week, Tech Against Terrorism, a United Nations-backed non-profit organisation, warned that staff reductions at Twitter could “expose the...

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Ofcom ‘will get more power than spies’ to monitor apps

Tech against Terrorism, a UN-backed organisation that tackles online terrorism, believes that in practice Ofcom may not use the powers that much.

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Twitter turmoil could be exploited by terrorists, experts warn

UN-backed safety group Tech Against Terrorism has now warned this is causing an erosion of content moderation capabilities that could allow...

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