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Tech Against Terrorism to Build Content Moderation Tool with Google Jigsaw 

We are at the early stages of collaborating with Google Jigsaw on a new tool to help smaller websites identify and take down terrorist content. 

The new tool will utilise Tech Against Terrorism’s Terrorist Content Analytics Platform (TCAP), the world’s first centralised alert-platform of verified terrorist content.  

The new tool will ingest the URLs generated by TCAP and introduce a prioritisation framework that will help smaller tech companies grapple with the large numbers of referred content they receive from different sources.   

We are looking forward to utilising our expertise and help smaller platforms improve moderation of terrorist content.  

In our experience, we find that terrorists seek to exploit smaller platforms where content moderation is challenging due to limited resources.  

Augmenting our existing efforts to alert tech companies, this initiative is designed to help platforms who are inundated by the threat and do not have the capacity to triage thousands of referral requests. 

Since its launch, Tech Against Terrorism’s Terrorist Content Analytics Platform has identified 38,032 URLs containing terrorist content and sent 21,235 alerts to 73 tech companies. 92% of this content is now offline. 

The collaboration with Google Jigsaw aligns with Tech Against Terrorism’s aim to support the global tech sector, and smaller tech companies in particular in challenging terrorist and violent extremist use of the internet.  

Further details about Tech Against Terrorism’s collaboration with Google Jigsaw will be released in the coming months.  

Tech Against Terrorism is an independent initiative aimed at supporting technology companies to counter the terrorist use of the internet. This public-private partnership was initiated by the UN Security Council in 2017. 

Further details will be announced soon.