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In many states, terrorists' use of internet technologies is currently a headline issue. Political pressure is building for technology firms to explain more about what steps they are taking to combat terrorism and violent extremism on their platforms and to develop industry-led initiatives with concrete results. To this end, TechAgainstTerrorism is directly mandated by the UN Security Council to engage with smaller tech companies and startups to help build operational capacity and to inform the debate.

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In 2017 we are organising a series of global workshops and conferences. Through our workshops with smaller tech companies and startups we will be carrying out "needs assessments" to understand more about practical tools we can help build to support in the fight against terrorists and violent extremists using technology to further their aims.


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TaT / VOX-Pol, Dublin Workshop

Tech Against Terrorism held its next workshop in Dublin on Thursday 7 September 2017. The workshop was hosted at Dublin…

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TaT, Beirut Workshop

The Tech Against Terrorism team launched their first workshop in Beirut on Wednesday 6 September. The workshop, held at Antwork…

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Financial Technology: A Brief Introduction to Developments in Technological Innovations

Financial technology (fintech) is dramatically evolving and spans a broad range of services. From online money transfers to automated savings…

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