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Tech Against Terrorism Meets with Secretary Hillary Clinton and President Bill Clinton

Tech Against Terrorism's Executive Director, Adam Hadley, met with Secretary Hillary Clinton and President Bill Clinton at Swansea University to discuss Generative AI.

Tech Against Terrorism took part in a discussion at the Swansea University Bay Library on 24 November 2023. This discussion was organised by the Cyber Threats Research Centre (CYTREC). The centre explores a range of online threats, from terrorism, extremism, and cybercrime to child sexual exploitation and grooming.

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During the discussion, Adam Hadley highlighted the role of generative AI in online content moderation:

“At Tech Against Terrorism are also optimistic that generative artificial intelligence can also be used positively to stop terrorists and violent extremists online. That is why we are working on a new AI-powered tool with Microsoft to better detect harmful content."

Adam also urged action against the current terrorist exploitation of certain platforms, particularly during the Israel-Hamas crisis. These platforms are exploited by violent extremists due to their inconsistent policies and practices in content management.