With terrorists and violent extremists increasingly using technology platforms to recruit, organise attacks and fund their operations, tech companies are under increasing pressure from governments and civil society to actively and quickly ensure that their platforms are not being exploited.

The Tech Against Terrorism project offers a data-driven and effective approach to ensure that your tech company has the capacity to prevent your tech being exploited.

Our programme is a four-step process:


  1. Risk Assessment: Using our research and data of terrorist use of technology, the programme will carry out a risk assessment of your platform.
  2. Mitigation Assessment: The programme will then offer you tools to protect your platform.
  3. Having met our standards for the above two stages, you will receive a Trustmark: a badge of honour to display on your website to show you are part of an elite group of tech companies.
  4. You will then be invited to access our Knowledge Sharing Platform, an online portal that will provide you with an alert service of terrorist and violent extremist content and tools to help you manage this content.